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IMPORTANT potential hazards to Pets over the Christmas period

We would like to urge all pet owners to watch out for potential hazards around their home to avoid an emergency visit to the surgery this Christmas. Traditional treats, such as chocolate and tinsel, are very festive, but owners should be mindful of the damage and harm they can cause. Please Click Here to download the British Veterinary Association advice on all the potential hazards so you can keep your pets safe this Christmas.

WARNING! - Oak processionary moth caterpillars

Infestations of Oak Processionary Caterpillars have been reported in Oak Hill Park and Hadley Woods . The local council has been advised and is sending teams to destroy the nests but owners of pets need to be vigilant.

These caterpillars are (usually) a problem on the continent at certain times of year. The caterpillars have irritant hairs all over them. Dogs or cats that sniff or lick them can have severe allergic reactions. The caterpillars build large nests in trees (Oaks) and then when they hatch they crawl down to the ground in a long procession (hence the name) after which they pupate.

More information about these caterpillars can be found on the Forest Research website & The Blue Cross Website.